The Flash&Glow collar does just that. It flashes or glows with a push of a button, making your dog much more visible and safer at night. The collar is powered by common coin cell batteries and replacement is simple. It is very light in weight and comfortable for your dog, and you can choose from a variety of vibrant colors to suit your dog!


  • Ultra-Bright LED

  • Fabric collar

  • Choice of Glow, Slow-Flash, and Quick-Flash

  • Simple Battery Replacement

  • Easy clip-together buckle

  • Water resistant



Press the power button to switch from Quick-Flash, Slow-Flash, Glow, and Off.


Battery Replacement

Pull off the silicone rubber battery cover to expose the battery unit.

Carefully push out the 2 coin cell batteries sideways through the opening.

Replace with 2 new CR2016 coin cell batteries with the positive (+) sides facing up.

Replace the battery cover.