The Rainbow Glo-Bee light features a color-changing LED light. Choose from color-changing flash or glow mode. The light weighs in at only 7 grams and attaches to your dog's collar with an elastic loop strap. The outer casing is translucent to maximize the light output. The light is controlled by an electronic pushbutton and the batteries are easily replaced.


Choice of color-changing flash or glow mode

Electronic pushbutton

Ultra-Lightweight at only 7 grams

Elastic loop strap for cinching onto collar

Translucent casing for maximum light output

Pre-installed battery included


Press the button to switch from color-changing flash to glow to OFF.

Slip your dog's collar through the elastic loop of the Glo-Bee, then secure collar around your dog's neck.

OR slip the elastic loop under your dog's collar and feed the Glo-Bee through the loop to cinch onto collar.

OR slip the elastic loop through the D-ring of your dog's collar and cinch.


    Battery Replacement

    Pry the two halves of the casing apart using a thin, edged tool such as a mini flat screwdriver. Carefully slide the battery out and replace with one new CR2032 coin cell. Re-assemble the light. Do not over-tighten the screws.

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